Straight to the point

Our SposMaPro student group has now spent two weeks and one day in Jyväskylä, and we are already in the middle of intensive studying. Many modules have started, and outside the lectures and seminars we have quite a lot to do with independent studying. My very first book exam will be on Monday, and I must admit that I still have a few pages to read… I´m writing this after our first Research Seminar meeting, so already at this point we should start to consider our Master´s thesis, as well!

Sounds very different to a normal idea of the first year of university studies, right? The beginning of studies should consist of hanging around with friends, partying, etc., or what do you think? Well, to be honest, getting right into the studies is just what I wanted. This is a Master´s programme, and actually we are not anymore the “first year students” seeking direction for our lives. No, we are sports students who know what we want, and that is to be professionals in the field of sport science and management.

For this purpose the start of the studies has been very promising. Contents of the modules seem to be very interesting, and I already feel like getting into learning mood: I want to know more about the issues discussed during the lectures! Especially I´m looking forward to the Sport Events course, which has its first meeting right after I have finished this blog text and had a lunch. I understood that we as a student group are going to organize a real sport event, which will take place in the beginning of December.

The most challenging thing during the first weeks has been the use of English as studying language. I have noticed that reading and writing in English is much slower than in Finnish, and that is something I need to take into account when planning my studies. However, I´m sure my English skills will improve when the studies go further, and thereby also studying is going to be more fluent. Important thing is that we have a great student group, and we all can support each other in challenges of studying. I´m sure we all 12 are going to develop towards professionals in sport, both as individuals and as a group.

With these words I wish you all a lot of effort in studying this interesting subject!

Best regards, Pekko-Joonas Rantamäki


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  1. akahtiainen says:

    Go Pekko! Great start 🙂 So which sports event will you organize in Dec?

    1. peolrant says:

      Thanks AK! We´ll organize a floorball tournament, so at least I´m quite familiar with the sport. 🙂 There will be a lot of work, but I´m very excited! All SposMaPro students are working in “Communication and marketing” group.

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