If I could turn back time

“If I could turn back time”, sang Cher many years ago. I believe, we all have the same feeling sometimes, a wish of being able to take a few steps back and perhaps do something differently (or left undone). Here in Finland we have our opportunity to turn back time and to re-live one hour of our lifes next weekend when summer time ends and winter time begins. On Sunday morning at 4 a.m. we move our clocks back an hour. How each of us is going to spend that extra hour? Well, at 4 a.m. most of us probably sleeping…

Time is an interesting thing. Sometimes it goes slowly, sometimes too fast and sometimes you wish it would stop. We are more or less in the middle of our studies this semester. I’m not counting days for the Christmas holiday but just figured that out by counting our general examination days; two behind, two to go. 🙂 So far this semester has been pretty hard. In short; lots to read, lots to write, lots to learn, but not enough time to do all that. Anyhow, together with our wonderful group (and with lots of laughs) we have managed perfectly so far. We help, support and remind each other, we push each other forward so that no-one is left alone. As we discussed the other day, we are all in the same boat sailing (or sinking 😉 ) together. I repeat many previous writers by saying that this group is probably the best thing here and because of them this hard, rainy and ever darker autumn has not felt so hard after all.

Now, going back to the beginning, if I could turn back time… would I do everything the same? Would I still apply for this programme? Would I still send my confirmation to begin my studies? Would I still move here to Jyväskylä and actually begin my studies? The answer for every question is obvious: yes, yes, yes, yes! Though some lectures are not so interesting all the time, though it has been sometimes difficult to speak, write or read in English when you are not used to it yet, and though there has been too much to do sometimes, I would not change anything, not a day. It has all being worth it. I love studying here; I have learned a lot and I am really exited to learn more. So, I look forward the rest of this semester and all the coming courses. Welcome winter, welcome darkness, I am enjoying every minute of it!

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