The Final Stretch (Robert Päkk)

Just about a month to go until the end of the semester and it feels like we have not even really gotten started. Of course we have our first experiences of lecture exams and book exams and we have also gotten our first grades and credits, but still it feels like time is flying by too fast… It’s already the time of the year when it gets dark sooner than we’re ready and yet there is no snow to cheer up our spirits and convince us that this year, the Christmas is going to be snowy. To make things more tense, I keep building dream castles by telling everyone that the Winter in Jyväskylä is wonderful and that everyone is going to enjoy skiing around Laajavuori and skating on Jyväsjärvi. At this point, when the lack of snow and warm temperatures are making my life hard, there is nothing else to do than hope…

Luckily, besides hoping for the snow to arrive, we have something totally different that is building excitement amongst our study group and I am not talking about the Research Seminar assignment that is due on December 5. I am talking about the ever so memorable Liikunta department ball or Liikunnan Tanssiaiset (as they are called in Finnish) which also take place on December 5. It has come to my attention that the Finnish natives in our program are already signed up and they are encouraging the internationals to join as well. This is something that I support 100%. Having studied in Liikunta department already for two years, I must say that I have only great words to say about this event. When else do we get to dress up and meet in the lovely C-building (also designed by the great Alvar Aalto ;-)) and behave in a civilized manner, around fellow students of our department? Plus, this is a great chance to learn about how Finnish students celebrate and enjoy a fancy happening. I know that I might be building expectations again, just like I do with the snow and Winter, but this time I must say that the outcome of this event is not entirely dependent on the weather – it is dependent on the wonderful people of our department who have for the past two years put up great dancing shows, provided an evening with delightful live music and made a memorable impression at least on me. I am aware that it is a somewhat restricted event in it’s lingual sense, because it has so far been organized 100% in Finnish, but I am sure that our Finnish natives can support the rest of the group and help with the language issues, if there are any.

The reason why I am encouraging everyone to participate is simple – I enjoy our study group immensely. I think that it is a great opportunity to relax from the busy semester, to get to know the local University culture and celebrate together the above mentioned Thesis assignment that is hopefully uploaded to Optima the day before. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the semester!



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