Transforming skills

It’s almost three months now since we started the program and personally I’ve gone through almost the whole range of emotions, a lot of laughing but also some moments of struggle. I’ve been spending the last 8 years as a full time athlete with 150-200 training and competition days abroad. I finished BBA degree during those years but I was never as intensively sitting on lectures and studied as hard as I’ve been doing now. All my life I’ve been training to improve the different sectors and factors that lead to a good result in Olympic sailing. I know what are the 100 different elements to improve as a sailor and a competitor, in sailing. I have good control of myself and I’m able to analyze quite well my actions and emotions in that environment. I’m also aware of the amount of work that is required to get better again, in sailing.

This week on a Research Communication course we had to think about any situation when we’ve felt creative and what factors are leading to that. This is a theme that I’ve been thinking almost the past 10 years, nearly every day. It is a slow but extremely necessary process to have running if being on the medals in the Olympics is your goal. The dilemma is that all the skills I’ve learnt have the same meaning and they are leading towards the same goal, to perform well in major regattas like in Olympics. The studying environment is a different environment and as on the Research Communication lecture it came up, the skills learnt in one environment are not automatically in use in another environment.

For me the university environment is not familiar and I feel like a fish out of water on the corridors of Liikunta building. Not because I’m used to spend my time on water but because I don’t know what are to key elements for success in this environment and how to train them. This challenge is, I think, one of the interesting things to go into and learn more about during these studies. I’m hoping to find a way to transform some skills what I have from sailing environment to these studies but many skills for sure I need to learn from scratch. One of the things is writing an academic paper. Inspired by our latest Research Communication lecture this blog can be considered as one of the exercises on my path towards that goal.


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