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Hyvää joulua!

Already when being there on exchange 2010, I was quite confident to continue my bachelor’s studies on a master level in the bellybutton of Finland, Jyväskylä. Once I made it back to the city in the beginning of August, I couldn’t wait to get through the orientation program and, finally, start the studies. Now, just […]

Originally posted on Kim Alberts:
How we can interpret theories the way we want to. Tomorrow I will take the final exam of this semester on the course Theory, sport and society. Many theorists, theories and subjects can be studied, and however abstract they may seem, they all definitely hold, at least some, truth within…

Where does the time disappear?

It’s amazing how fast this autumn period has gone by. We only have five days of school left until the Christmas break and it feels like the past three months just have disappeared somewhere. It must be true that the time flies in a good company and I can tell you that you never get […]