Where does the time disappear?

It’s amazing how fast this autumn period has gone by. We only have five days of school left until the Christmas break and it feels like the past three months just have disappeared somewhere. It must be true that the time flies in a good company and I can tell you that you never get bored in the company of my classmates!  We have also had many interesting courses and lots new exciting things to learn about to keep us busy during this autumn. My favorite so far has been the Social Interaction Skills course where we had some fascinating conversations about cultural differences and also learned a lot about each other.

I’m very excited that we finally got some snow in Jyväskylä as well; the scenery looks so beautiful now when everything is covered in white sparkling snow. That should also give us an extra boost to the last five days to concentrate on the studies before the well-earned break.

The remaining last five days will be full of action. The floorball tournament that we have been organizing on the optional study module called Planning and Implementing Sport Events will take place. “International Stars” floorball tournament’s aim is to bring people together and have fun playing one of the most popular ball games in Finland, meet new people and most importantly, make new friends.  It has been very interested to be part of organizing project and I’m sure it’s going to a very successful event.

“Liikunnan tanssiaiset” is also going to take place next week of which I’m personally very excited about.  Robert already talked about it in his blog post but it is a ball that is organized for the faculty of Liikunta. It will be nice to meet new people again and relax a little before the last exams on the following Monday. We also have to return the first version of our Master’s Thesis next week so it’s not all just playing floorball and dancing!


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