Towards the future and beyond

It’s been four months since my last post in this blog. The honeymoon of my Master’s studies is now officially over and the Arki with a capital A has started. In spite of that, I’m still excited about a lot of things but now the length of my to-do-list determines it is definitely not a honeymoon anymore. My bike is still a dear friend of mine, I’ve officially become a citizen of Jyväskylä and the place I call home is in Jyväskylä – even though there are many important persons who live somewhere else.

Arki is a Finnish word for the days people are working or doing some other “obligatory” things; working day, business day, days from Monday through Friday, etc. Arki is a pretty boring word to learn, but as we’ve noticed our foreign friends are really motivated to learn Finnish. The words we have learned during the past weeks are for example: fiksu (smart), älykäs (intelligent), huippuälykäs (super intelligent), laskiaispulla (this special bun Finns eat in winter), laiskamato (direct translation in English doesn’t make any sense: lazy worm) and laiskamatto (lazy carpet?? Do we have a spelling error here?). In every Finnish conversation you can use the words tota and jaa, which basically don’t mean anything. Täydellistä! 🙂 Perfect!

So, what is going on at the moment? Winter School in Sport Sciences 2013. A very intensive period of studying with new international friends. Not an easy start after four weeks of Christmas break, but a great experience in many ways. I registered for two courses. The first week was about Sport Marketing and today started the course about International Perspectives to Organisation and Management of Sport. The third option, which I passed this time, is a course about different winter sports. I’ve heard they are having a lot of fun learning how to skate, playing ice hockey, skiing, snow shoeing, etc.

Sport Marketing is something I’d like to learn more about. Some of the lectures were really interesting, especially the ones about sponsoring and real life cases. One of the top ones at the moment is in ski jumping, the situation with the Finnish National Team. The concept they’ve come up with is definitely attention getting. To put it in a few words, personally I prefer more positive and encouraging image branding. The Finns and especially kids need their heroes and idols to follow and look up to. They need the Toni Nieminens and Janne Ahonens of their time – and who knows what Janne will do next year.

But what will I do this year? A lot of studying – I registered also for some interesting courses in the University of Jyväskylä School of Business and Economics, my thesis – got an exciting topic as a part of a project between the Uni and Spa Hotel Peurunka, enjoy the amazing environment for physical activities around Laajavuori and of course hang out (and probably also stress out) with the cool group of friends I’ve got in the SpoSMaPro. And yes, wait for the fall to meet the new gang of SpoSMaPro who will start their studies in September.

May the force be with you,



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