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Spring 2013 in little old Jyväskylä

Well this is a bit early, but I thought you might prefer to read this, rather than the morning after a Saturday night out version, that probably would have proceeded Sunday the 24th. The beginning of this spring semester probably could not have begun any more differently than that of the first. Within the first […]

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” ~Jim Rohn

The spring semester has started a while ago already but the start has been very different from the autumn semester we had last year. Now we are not new students anymore, rather we are supposed to be fully integrated into the university life and partly take care of our own study plan and so on. […]

A new “start”

CHI YANG After the Christmas holiday, I have more energy to start the winter school and a new semester. Now daily study and living life seem more regular and easier for me, since Jyvaskyla is no longer a new city for me. I feel the adaption into the Finnish life helps me a lot in […]

Update, What has happened so far?

Well, we’re now in the second month of this year and the term has officially begun. Almost all the courses have started and we already have a new goal to reach with our master thesis before the end of the term. “Sport and Media” has been one of the most controversial courses; it has made […]

Where is the destiny station?

Now when the second term of studies has fully started, I have become more and more aware of my future goals. I want to get a full time job. Period. However, every now and then, achieving that goal does not feel very simple. In the current economic situation getting a job in general might be […]