Where is the destiny station?

Now when the second term of studies has fully started, I have become more and more aware of my future goals. I want to get a full time job. Period. However, every now and then, achieving that goal does not feel very simple. In the current economic situation getting a job in general might be quite difficult, especially if you have some personal demands considering it. My personal demands are not very strict, but when doing my second Master´s studies, I think I have a right to have them. Since I already am a professional journalist and a writer, and continuously learning more about the field of sport management, I would like to have a job in the field of communication and sport.

Being aware of my future work-related goals and getting rid of profession-related identity crisis help me also in planning my studies. The most expected part of the studies so far is beginning next May when the spring term modules are finished. I will then begin my internship period in LiiKu, which is a regional organization of the Finnish sports head organization Valo, operating in southwest Finland. My job will be mainly to work within the communication activities of a big sport camp for children and youth, which will be organized in Kokemäki in the beginning of July. I am really looking forward to the internship and hope that my tasks are going to be challenging and many-sided.

Before the internship there are many things to wait for during the spring, the EU Erasmus intensive course in Lithuania and next lectures of the module Sport and Media, just to mention a couple of them. Looking outside the window when writing this also reminds me of a refreshing thing to look forward to: the spring and warming sun itself! The dark winter has – again – been long and tough, but now we are on the winning side already. For me also dividing my life into two cities, Pori where my home and family is and Jyväskylä where the studies take place, has been quite stressful. Train and the railways between Pori and Jyväskylä have become very familiar during the studies.

However, returning to the first paragraph of this post, now I know where the destiny station is. Concluding the goal once again, I am ready to work even harder to achieve a job of my expertise, and in the end, to jump off the train where my home and family is.

Wishing you all eagerness in studies and sunny spring-time,



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