A new “start”


After the Christmas holiday, I have more energy to start the winter school and a new semester. Now daily study and living life seem more regular and easier for me, since Jyvaskyla is no longer a new city for me. I feel the adaption into the Finnish life helps me a lot in studying more happily and comfortably in JYU. 


This winter school became a challenge for me, because I involved in all three courses. Both the sport marketing and international perspectives to Organization and Management of Sport course enlightened mesome new ideas in the Chinese sport market. During this course, I looked at the sport tourism in my hometown Chengdu and the sea angling in China from some new perspectives. And a very surprising new information what I have got recently was that the snow mountain resort in my hometown is actually among top ski resorts in China(but I don’t know before). And now after the course winter sports, I have more reasons and interest to pay a visit to my hometown ski resort in the future!


 As regard to the winter sports, I did not expect that it was such an amazingly  interesting course. When it comes to the last course, I felt a little bit sad in that I haven’t learned enough winter sports from this course. And now I should practice more by myself. For instance, when I traveled to Lapland with Kim, Daniela and Niina, we visited the ski resort near Niina’ s home and I tried snowboarding the first time in my life. Because that I have two excellent teachers Kim and Niina, even I fell down twice while taking the lift uphills, I felt that I wished to practice snowboarding and skiing more from then on.


After winter school, a new semester is coming. Now we involved in more courses and I have to say that most of them are very good. For example, sport and media makes me think for a long time about Chinese media issues and what are those so-called truth from both western countries’ perspectives and our own perspectives. The public and voluntary sectors in sport answered one of my questions in mind  that there are obvious two roots in voluntarism. And now Chinese voluntarism is mainly from the perspective of the second root. From the course Integrated Research Communication, I realized that what I weak in so far and I should read more books about research and methodology now. Then the Public Health and Health Promotion course opened my eyes into the new world of health promotion. I enjoyed a lot for taking new information and knowledge from the first course, since I nearly have “nolla” background in this field.

Thanks to those courses, I feel everyday I could become more interested in the study here and feel more reluctant to leave this sposmapro and JYU for a “short” period of time. 🙂




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