Update, What has happened so far?

Well, we’re now in the second month of this year and the term has officially begun. Almost all the courses have started and we already have a new goal to reach with our master thesis before the end of the term.

“Sport and Media” has been one of the most controversial courses; it has made me reflect about how all the messages and communication in general affect our way of thinking, behavior, decisions and the way how the world works and again Bourdieu emerges in my mind 😛 . Very interesting and strong discussions are held along the classes and despite the class is four hours in a row; the teacher manages to keep us awake and reflecting the whole time.

We also began two courses that have very similar names: “Public and voluntary sectors in sport” and “Public health and health promotion” and they seem to be very useful for my master thesis since the topic is related to the physical activity promotion programs from my country (Colombia). Additionally, the first class of the Integrated Research Communication’s course was very useful, we got some tools to learn how to write in a proper academic English; and gradually our first draft is becoming in our Master Thesis.

Nevertheless, not everything has been related to studies. Last weekend Kim, Chi and me had a great trip to Lapland. Unfortunately, the sky was cloudy and we couldn’t see the northern lights, but we visited Santa’s Village and met him in person. He knew how to speak Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Finnish and English and in his place he had a huge machine to change the planet’s rotation speed that helps him to control the time and in this way he’s able to deliver all the presents to the people around the world.

His reindeers were a bit shy and kind of stressed with people around them so Santa seems to be training Huskies for his next trips. We tried them and they are doing quite well. The trip by bus was long (about 7 hours), but it was such a nice visit and we were lucky to have plenty of chocolates and a pretty fun (and funny) game “Pekka” and we didn’t get bored.

So here we are, it still feels like the beginning of the term but time goes fast, many of us have already taken some book exams and soon this term will be over. It is almost unbelievable that at the end of this term we’ll be in the middle of our studies and hopefully we’ll be full of great memories in nearly one year :).

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