“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” ~Jim Rohn

The spring semester has started a while ago already but the start has been very different from the autumn semester we had last year. Now we are not new students anymore, rather we are supposed to be fully integrated into the university life and partly take care of our own study plan and so on. Now we have more ‘freedom’ to choose different courses and some of us are already in the full process of doing their thesis (good for them ☺.) The beginning of semester has been quite ‘messy’ and we have not really been together as a group as much as we were last fall. That is kind of a shame, I miss my study-buddies ☺!

One of the new courses we have this semester is ‘Public Health and Health Promotion’. For most of us the health promotion part of the studies is relatively new area, but I think it is also quite interesting and beneficial for us to know at least some basics of that field. As we have noticed in the lectures the concept of health and health promotion is very complicated. Health promotion and health education can be looked at from so many different ankles; biological, social, emotional, mental and spiritual health. One thing, which came to my mind after these couple of lectures was that, what really is health and what really is healthy? Athletes are often considered to be healthy because they exercise a lot, eat healthy, have relatively healthy lifestyles and so on. However, personally having been competitive athlete and having had relatively healthy lifestyle all my life, my body probably has more little damages than many people with having not such active lifestyles. The athletes’ bodies have been under so much training and pressure during the years both physically and mentally, that most of us have more or less little injuries in our bodies. So is that really healthy then?

“Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy”

For me one very important thing in the last couple of months has been getting back on the court to play some tennis again. After suffering these little injuries the past year or so, you really start to appreciate your health and start to think it in a positive way and what you are able to do rather than what you are not. For me tennis is also not only physically important but also mentally and socially very important gateway, where I can totally forget all the other issues, schoolwork and responsibilities I have to deal with in life. I think everyone should have a place or an activity, whether it is listening to music, playing sports, going for a walk, reading books or whatever suits for you, where you can totally get your mind out of the never-ending homework loads, work or other issues, and just enjoy the activity itself.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

The semester is not even in a half way but one thing, which is also adding some extra stress for some of us, is the becoming summer. We have quite a long summer break from the school and of course you would like to use that time somehow wisely. So the question I am still trying to figure out is, whether I should to try to find a job, do an unpaid internship, do some extra studies or just chill out and get some tan ;)!


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