Spring 2013 in little old Jyväskylä

Well this is a bit early, but I thought you might prefer to read this, rather than the morning after a Saturday night out version, that probably would have proceeded Sunday the 24th.

The beginning of this spring semester probably could not have begun any more differently than that of the first. Within the first two weeks of the winter school, many of us had book exams, lecture diaries, essays and group presentations to complete. That was all before the official semester even started. The winter school however seems a pretty good way to earn some credit points early on and take some pressure away from the official semester. I guess that getting things done sooner rather than later was a decent trait that I picked up from our last semester. Everything seems to go far more smoothly when you start the essay early, write the learning log during (after) the lecture and pick the book up, days, rather than hours before the exam.

The one thing a few of our group cannot complete and get out of the way early is the plan for the summer and nowhere else does summer hold such importance when trying to find work as in Finland. Some are travelling, some have internships, some are working and some (including myself) really just do not know yet. We all have our ideal situations in mind, most of which involve money and experience. I think I will end up having to choose between the two and surprisingly enough, money will probably lose out this time. Studying again really has motivated me to find a decent job in the sport sector and if that involves working for free for a while then I am happy.

It is quite amazing how quickly time has gone by here in Jyväskylä. Already we are racing towards the halfway point of our studies. The best part about that is the days are longer, the weather can only get better (three weeks since I last saw something called the sun) and the sweet Finnish summer is getting ever closer.



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