“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – A.Einstein

March is soon ending and here I am, sitting in Estonia, on my parents’ couch and trying to think what to write about. Actually, trying to think what not to write about. It sounds like the oldest chliché ever, but the time is running by too fast! The frustration it creates has very little to do with lack of time to do homework or write my (or our, since Tapio and I happen to be the only pair writing on a common topic) thesis. I do not feel anxious about upcoming exams (which there are still plenty of left) or presentations. The thing that makes me feel uneasy is the fact that I can’t believe that we have soon had a whole two semesters, out of four, together with our wonderful study group! And soon we’ll only have the other two left… People are slightly preparing to travel back to their home countries or they are making other plans for the summer. Some have already left for this study year. Is it cruel to wish for no Summer, because I’ll be wanting our group to stay together for the energizing discussions on public sport funding or the semantics of language?


So what has happened so far and what will happen? I have been enjoying the ever so interesting lectures on topics such as Sport and Media, Public Health and Health Promotion and Public and Voluntary Sector in Sport. As a result – the way of thinking about the world and about the issues surrounding sport and its organization has changed immensely. I think that I will never be able to read sports news without a critical eye on the content or the way they’re presented thanks to our heated Sport and Media course lecturer Risto Rasku. This has probably been the most inspiring course in my whole University Career. Funny to think that it took only seven years between three Universities to end up at a course like this… The discussion, the topics, the revelations have been eye opening and inspiring! We have also learned that 4 ECTS in other words means – a lot of work! Lecture logs, lecture exams, book exams and homework. This is to put it shortly. Luckily, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Spring is going to be fully focusing on the thesis. We are well off with data collection and transcribing continues from here on. Not the most pleasurable work, but a step in the way of getting things done. In the middle of May, we will celebrate what ever we all have come up with, in regards to our thesis, with a week of seminars. On my behalf, the semester is going to end there. Some of us will visit Lithuania before that and some will attend the Summer School after. I have decided to dedicate my time for the thesis with a goal of early submission of the first draft by next Christmas. Hopefully I won’t be eating my words… I have a suspicious feeling that the Christmas of 2013 will be here sooner than I expect.

– Robert PäkkImage


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