Time flies when you have fun

Time. Just noticed that each time I have my writing turn it happens to be close to the day when we move our clocks. Last time when I wrote here, we moved clocks one hour back and now just last weekend it was time again to move them one hour forward. The title of my previous blog was ” If I could turn back time”. This time I think about how time flies when you have fun. So, my topic again, time.

Seems like it was just yesterday when we begun our spring term. It was dark and cold and everything was covered with snow. We had lots to do and many deadlines were waiting for us. Now, the sun is shining, the weather is warmer and snow has more or less disappeared somewhere. Spring and all this light surprises every year.  Still, we have lots to do and deadlines (perhaps not so many anymore) are waiting for us. So, besides the weather, not much has changed after all. 🙂 Now, close to the end of our spring term we are still wondering, where the time went!

In such a short time we have learned, for example, to be more critical towards media, that public and voluntary sectors in sport are different in Finland than in other European countries (such as Italy, or Estonia), and that quantitative research methods can be challenging sometimes. We have talked about health promotion and discussed about interpretations of sponsoring and whether the size of a sport budget was 15 or 50 euro. And, we have discovered how our thesis presentation becomes “not so piece of cake anymore” after a little brainstorming session. So many new things!

In our group we laugh and joke a lot. That positive spirit took us through busy autumn, dark winter, tens of deadlines and thousands of interesting, and not so interesting, lecture minutes. Time flies when you have fun. Even though I would like this spring to continue a bit longer, I still wish for many laughs and funny coincidences with my group before it is time to say bye-bye for the summer.


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