Last push

It’s 11 months since I got to know, among my fellow group members, that I got selected to study in this program. It’s 13 months when I’ll be graduating from this program, hopefully. Yet time vise we’re reaching the halfway,  I personally feel like I have almost only the last push left. Like every one of us has written here, this first year has been intensive and time has been flying. The second year will be for sure the same. But to be honest, exactly that was one of the reasons and criteria to apply to this program, at least for me. My goal was to get intensive study mode on for this 2 year time period and widen my understanding and to see the field of sport from new perspectives. I believe that I will reach that goal.

For me the most rewarding module of the program has been, and I expect that also will be, the thesis process. I like and prefer long-term processes and in this academic content it means to gain expertise and deepen understanding of the topic we’re processing, the Finnish elite sport system. It’s motivating to really have time to go into the topic and have an opportunity slowly process the issues in your head. I’ve been enjoying also to share this process with Robert. Our co-operation has been working well and it’s been interesting to have conversations with a person sharing same views but at the same time being a mirror to yourself. We’re on our schedule to have the thesis in some sort of package in the end of autumn 2013. That is a goal and it is realistic. There will be days when thesis and the courses feel like a mountain ahead of you but then you should just zoom out to see how small issue it is in the big picture. And just like that, and because of that, there is always only the last push left.



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