“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing” –Barry Finlay

Here we are. The May Day is just around the corner and it’s time to go out for a picnic, have some sima and enjoy some funnel cakes. The semester isn’t over for us though- not just yet. In the last few weeks we haven’t had any mandatory courses of our study programme, which have given us time to attend optional courses and concentrate on the master’s thesis work.  One optional course I attended was Philosophical Traditions and Intercultural Communication organized by the Department of Communication. I found this module very interesting and it gave me better understanding of the communicational aspects in intercultural situations.

Before the summer break we will have one more get together with the SpoSMaPro- “gang”, an intensive week of the research seminar where everyone gets to present an update of their thesis process. At the moment for me, the thesis seems like an insuperable mountain, but no worries, I’ll just keep climbing and hopefully by the end of next spring, I’ll be on the top.

Summer will also be soon here, even though the spring has been unforgivably late this year. For some of us the summer break will start straight after the seminar week, some of us will attend the summer school for few weeks before travelling to their home countries and some of us –like me- will carry out an internship during the summer break. My internship will take place in Sydney, in Australia in a state government department called Sport and Recreation whose purpose is to assist people of New South Wales to participate in sport and recreation and in that way improve their well-being.  Even though I have lived in Australia for some time before already, I’m very excited for my trip and especially for the internship that I will be undertaking. I’m confident that I will gain a lot of valuable knowledge and many new skills in the field of sports governance that contribute to my personal development in becoming an expert in the field of sport science and management.

I want to end my post to my favorite quotation of an unknown author and thank for my fellow classmates for an unforgettable first year. They have always managed to keep me smiling no matter what kinds of mountains have come across, whether it has been Laajavuori or an examination day. Thanks guys, keep up the good work 😉

”Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.” –Unknown




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