“KISS – Keep It Short and Simple” – Mr. Risto Rasku

No problem! 🙂

The last semester was as exciting as the first one. I actually just came back from a two weeks intensive programme in Kaunas, Lithuania, where 34 students from 6 different countries discussed the value of sport voluntarism in the European Union. Besides the intense studies, including lots of group work and presentations, we had some good leisure time and exciting sport activities there. I certainly could have such a trip every semester. Hence, just to remind my fellow students once again here: the annual Sport Management Congress is taking place in September 2013 in Istanbul. 😉

Also the studies back in Jyväskylä were quite productive and surely always fun. We had very interesting lectures, such as the “Sport and Media” course, we all progressed in the writing process of our master’s thesis, and we all spent some precious quality time together. I love that work-life combination!

There is now only one more week left until I get to see my family and friends in Germany again. But as much as I am glad to go home for some weeks, I regret not being able to see this year’s Champion’s League football final on the 25th of May together with my study mates. I know how my much, especially, my British buddy is looking forward to a purely German final that is hosted in the good old Wembley stadium in England. However, besides this personal tragedy of my friend, I am already looking forward to discuss the economic role of football in Europe in the next semester’s “Sport and Economics” course.

One more year to go my friends – let’s enjoy every single moment ahead of us!

Have a blast of a summer,




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