Finland is AWESOME!!


I have been living now in Jyväskylä, for nearly 2 months now and all I can say is that it has been awesome! By far one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in my life. I still remember when I was back in Mexico City, reading this blog, wondering how life in Finland would be. I kept day dreaming constantly of becoming part of sposmapro, studying with international people and now here I am writing this post after having an amazing summer in Finland. Heres a pic of the mahtava city of Jyväskylä! (Mahtava is awesome in Finnish :D)


Before I got here I though life would be much different as it is right now, I did not know what to expect from Jyvaskyla and the university. My friends back home used to think that my life in Finland would be like living on the artic circle, fighting with polar bears for raw fish and swimming on frozen lakes to get to school! Hahaha But actually they were so wrong, life in Jyväskylä and Finland IS GREAT! Ever since I got here there have been a lot of parties, trips, sports activities, saunas, outdoors activities, great food, and even greater weather. Instead of swimming to school, I use my bicycle every day, I don’t fight polar bears for food, I eat lunch at the university cafeterias every day. For an amazing prize of 2.60e I get delicious and nutritious food. Like that wasn’t enough, I have two super cool roommates, from Japan and Germany, which cook great food for me and learn how to cook Mexican of course!


I must admit my friends from Mexico were right on one thing, I will be swimming on lakes a lot. Even though Its summer the water is pretty cold for Mexican standards haha. Still I enjoy a swim on the cold water after a nice hot sauna its a great sensation! Or just diving and jumping from high places onto lakes with great friends from all around the world is a great way to have fun on the weekends. Some of my friends are experts at falling on their heads and bellies on every jump, for some laughs heres a picture and a link to the youtube video 😀



Arriving for the intensive Finnish language summer course was a great decision. I have made a lot of international friends and got to know a lot of the city, before the master started. On the first 3 weeks of the programme we had the birthday of some friends of the course, so we organized various birthday parties, of which one was a costume party heres some pics! And of course a video:, in which we all sang happy birthday on our native laguages to the bday people. So we had English, Spanish, Finnish, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Slovak, Czech and more!




Apart from parties we have also been wondering around in forest trips and rock climbing! Its amazing just how many activities the university has, all of which I highly recomend any one to take, for you will always make great friends and go to great places!



I’m a big fan of rock climbing, it has been my sport for many years. Fortunately finnish people are very friendly and I have made some great friends in the rock climbing gym: Boulderpaja ( Last week they took me climbing:



We have also been super busy with school, so sometimes finding a balance between sports, parties, and studies can be hard! The teachers in the university are super professional, the courses have a lot of theoretical and practical information, for example in the course “Planning and Implementation of Sports Events” we are organizing an international Floorball tournament for 150+ people! This will be a lot of hard theoretical work taken into practice and a lot of hours of planning and organizing! But I love it, that’s why I came to Finland. Every day I get amazed at the preparation and dedication that teachers have to their work, it’s so easy to learn with all the resources and experience they have. Another of my favorite courses is “Sports in Finland” in which we will have a lot of lecturers from Finland coming to talk about how sports are organized in the Public, Private and Voluntary sectors. Eventhough I’m struggling to partake in so many courses, sports and social events, I can still resume all of the great time I’ve had in 2 words: “Super Mahtava!” (Super awesome in Finnish).

And a good suggestion of good Finnish music:, and I also suggest this movie: from the world famous tv show: “The Dudesons”

So if you’re reading this, and are thinking about how good of an idea it is to come to study to Finland, my advice would be, stop thinking about it, work hard and get ready to do your best in next application round to get accepted! I guarantee you have the time of your life here! (If you don’t, well you can always find me once you’re here and yell at me and blame me for everything haha!).


To say good bye, a nice picture of the “northen lights” I saw 3 weeks ago in the night right outside my house!



– Miguel del Castillo 😀 –



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  1. Naluk says:

    What Program is this?

    1. migueldelcastillo88 says:

      Hello Naluk, this program is the Master in Sports Management and Health Promotion, from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Heres the link to the program information: and also a link to the fb page: where you can find all the information! Hope its usefull!

    2. migueldelcastillo88 says:
  2. Jeremiah says:

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  3. Reblogged this on Finland Search and commented:
    Another delighted convert to the Finnish way of life. It has to be said that not many countries offer so much if you want to go for it. Notice the lake and rock climbing there is plenty of that here and nice choice to go to Jyväskylä it seems a nice place. I drive past it on my way up North sometimes.

  4. Paz says:

    Hola, encontré tu blog muy interesante porque últimamente he pensado en emigrar hacia Jyväskylä. Cómo fue que llegaste y qué es lo que más te ha costado aprender o acostrumbrarte? Saludos desde Chile

    1. migueldelcastillo88 says:

      Hola Paz, llegue ahi buscando maestrias en el campo del deporte! Me gusto mucho el programa de esta universidad y la ciudad asi que decidi venir aqui. Puedes checar todos los detalles aqui: Te recomiendo mucho venir aca si lo tuyo es el deporte, es una gran ciudad. Yo no tuve muchos problemas para adaptarme, hay muchas actividades, deportes, fiestas, eventos y cosas que hacer donde hacer grandes amigos! El frio puede ser un problema, pero te acostumbras, al igual que la oscuridad! Aprender el idioma es muy dificil, pero no hay necesidad pues todo mundo habla ingles aqui y la gente siempre esta dispuesta a ayudar. Si te puedo ayudar con algo mas no dudes en contactar! Saludos!!

      1. Paz says:

        Hola Miguel!
        Otra consulta, tu pagas por estudiar? tienes una beca de México? o llegaste y dijiste “hola, vengo a estudiar” hehe

  5. finlandforum says:

    Hey! Nice post!

    Like you, I just started a blog about issues in Finland, and I was wondering if some of you guys would check it out and leave some comments on my blog. So would you please visit

    Thanks a bunch! 😀

  6. Ishanka says:

    I wish I were in that course too. Hope to get in there next year. I will try my best.

  7. pukhrajr says:

    Heyy!! thank you so much for this blog entry! I am super excited to join this Sept! 🙂 This blod entry got me super pumped! I don’t know if you are still there, but if you are.. I am going to come and say hi!! 😀

    1. migueldelcastillo88 says:

      Hello!! For sure im still here 😀 so come and say hi and we can go do some awesome activities! 🙂 Finland is still awesoem btw!

      1. pukhrajr says:

        Perfect!! see you soon!

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