New city, new people, new start…

After already working for several years in the field of sports management the decision to go back to school was not the easiest one. However, I do not regret my decision for one minute. The people in our program are just amazing, and it has been really interesting to get to know them all!  Also, our courses have been very interesting and I have learned new things every single day. In just four weeks we already have had many assignments, loads of group work, and even a couple of exams. It has not been the easiest start considering our work load. However, considering the interesting subject matter of sport itself, we are all willing to give 100% effort towards learning. In addition, we are also taking some courses were we can put our knowledge and skills into practice. For example, our Planning and Implementation of Sports Events class is giving us first hand experience. As Antti mentioned earlier in this semester we are able to arrange, plan and organize the best international floor ball happening of the year. I’m personally extremely excited about this!

Despite this intensive studying the student life is also full of other kinds of surprises. We get invitations to different events, parties and happenings on a daily basis. Last weekend we were invited to an M-Building Party called “Project Madness”. I had heard that this party is kind of a legend so I decided to pay a visit with one of my group members Eve. It was also a fellow group member Alex’s birthday so we wanted to go and congratulate him. In many of our classes we have talked about cultural differences and culture shock. I have studied and lived in different countries in the past, but to be honest I have never experienced a culture shock this big. I still haven’t recovered! The whole block house was filled with people, all wearing white shirts with symbolic messages on them. It took us 20 minutes to walk to the 4th floor where our group members were.  All the people had absolutely lost control! We literally had to tackle, jostle and maneuver our way around people in order to keep clean. Here is a couple of pictures of this madness. I promised Miguel to post this other one with all the girls…such a typical photo of our Mexican group mate! =)

MParty MParty+Miguel

Before coming to Jyväskylä I lived in Helsinki. At first it felt a bit weird to move to the middle of nowhere, as I remember thinking.  Although Jyväskylä is starting to grow on me more and more each day, one thing I still do not get is this strange fanfare that takes place every single day at 20.00!? Also, this crazy cycling culture is something I haven’t seen in any other city in Finland. After four weeks I find Jyväskylä to be quite friendly, lively, active, and refreshing. I am reminded of this photo I took from Wellington, New Zealand. I think this describes Jyväskylä just as well as it describes Wellington.


If there are people that are still skeptical about applying to this program or moving to Jyväskylä there is just one thing I would like to say: Don’t hesitate, JUST DO IT!


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