The only way is forward

I can´t disagree with my fellow students that becoming a member of the SpoSMaPro family has been great. From the very first day of the studies at Liikunta (Sports Faculty) I have felt very cozy and welcome. However studying has been something totally different from the expectations I had about master level studies. I was waiting for mass lectures and being just a nameless face in a corridor. But I was wrong. We have been studying in our own small group of about 15 students and the atmosphere in lessons has been intimate and relaxed. We have learnt to know the other students and even the teachers personally and our individuality is highly appreciated. I can say I haven´t been taken care this well after kindergarten.

But every family has its black sheep. Now after studying in this programme for over a month I can also say that I have never in my life been this exhausted with my studies. Even if I knew that obtaining the master´s degree won´t be easy and I was quite well prepared for the upcoming, I have to admit I´ve been a little bit surprised how much work has been required so far. The workload during the first month has been enormous comparing to my previous studies. I´m sure that studying in a foreign language has something to do with it. I also know I was digging my own grave when I decided to fill up my first semester schedule as much as possible and take as many courses I can in order to make space for optional studies next year. There are so many interesting courses I want to take that I thought I have to start running or my studies will last forever.

To be honest, there have already been many evenings when all I could have done is sitting and typing on my computer. There have been nights when I wake up at 5 o´clock with thinking about the assignments and English expressions. There have been days when I´m so tired I look like a zombie. Fellow students at Liikunta advise us to enjoy the time but there´s only one question: when will we have time for that?

the-graveyard-of-past-deadlinesWe have been so busy with the assignments that I really haven´t had time to stop and think what have happened this far and what is still coming. Deadlines are knocking on the door and calendar is full of red. We just have to keep pushing forward and hope someday it will stop. Graduation seems to be so far away but I know it is coming sooner than we expect. September was only the opening shot to our journey that requires endurance and fortitude, and I wonder if we will be able to cross the finish line alive. We have to face the future step by step and somehow try to enjoy every hurting moment. Because we can´t have them back!

I´d like to finish my post with the words of Buzz Aldrin in a Finnish TV-commercial. I find these thoughts very inspiring and empowering.

The only device designed to take you backwards is your memory.

But don´t let your memory fool you.

Memories grow sweeter with time.

We are made to move forward.

We have to study the future fearlessly.

And I know a little bit about fear.

Once I took a trip that was far from safe, but the risk was worth taking.

Like my friend said: ”That´s a small step for a man, but a giant leap for mankind.”

The only way is forward!



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