Our Journey in Finland

With Micay at Vaajakoski
My wife, Micay, and me at Vaajakoski

It has been over a month since I moved here to Jyväskylä. I came here in Finland with my wife, Micay, from the tropical paradise of the Philippines. Our Finland-journey has been so far amazing! From the time we submitted our application to the university last year until now, everything has just been working out for our good! My wife and I applied for a different program and kept our hopes high that we both get in the university, and to our surprise, we did! On our third day here in Jyväskylä, we were able to furnish our apartment in one day for FREE. It was made possible through my colleague Jon, who just recently finished his masters in sport psychology in the university. He introduced us to Gloria, who has become a mother to us and other Filipinos here in Jyväskylä. She then introduced us to Jessica from Singapore, who happened to be in the same program as Jon’s. Finally, Jessica referred us to a Canadian professor named Ron, who was giving away furniture and all kinds of stuff to students at no cost. Thus, we got our apartment furnished instantly on that day. It has been amazing to get to know a lot of people here and from around the world. We are grateful to these people who have allowed my wife and I to adjust well in Jyväskylä.

From L-R: Micay, Gloria, Jessica, and me at the Monikulttuurikeskus Gloria

I am privileged to be part of the SpoSMaPro program and to be able to acquire the skills and know-how on sport management, together with a remarkable group of people from whom I have been learning a lot as well through their experiences. We are now about to reach the second quarter of the school year and I find the courses very interesting particularly the Sport in Finland and the Planning and Implementation of Sport Events. The Sport in Finland course allows us to understand how sports is organized in this country. It is interesting how history and culture affect participation and development of sports in a country. With the series of lectures in the course, I am able to reflect and compare the sports system here and the Philippines in terms of societal context, governance, and participation in sports. I am also able to analyze which concepts and practices are applicable to my home country.

With some of my SpoSMaPro mates at Miguel's birthday party
With some of my SpoSMaPro-mates at Miguel’s birthday party
Harju stadium
Harju stadium

Another course that I find very interesting is the Planning and Implementation of Sport Events as it develops our conceptual and managing skills in a practical way. It is timely that the course involves organizing an event on floorball, the sport that has been a reason for me to study here in Finland. I decided to come here to Finland to study sport management and to have exposure in floorball. I am part of Floorball Philippines who organizes and develops floorball in the Philippines. Through the course, I was able to know more about the sport and to meet and work with significant people from the local club, Happee Floorball Club. I am excited for possible opportunities in floorball and for the management skills I will acquire through this course, which I will apply and share when I come back to the Philippines.

Happee Floorball Club Salibandyliiga match
Happee Jyväskylä vs Indians Espoo – Salibandyliiga match
JYP-Happee ice hockey match exhibition match
JYP vs Happee – Ice hockey exhibition match

I am very much grateful how everything is going well for me and my wife in terms of studies and life in Jyväskylä. We are both excited on what is in store for us for the next weeks and months of our stay here. I expect that greater things are yet to come and I am looking forward to how our journey in Finland will unfold!

With the fellow Filipinos in Jyväskylä
With fellow Filipinos in Jyväskylä

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