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I have to agree with previous bloggers and especially  Henni’s topics about the deadlines. For instance, the deadline for this blog is 10.11.2013 / 23:59.  Obviously I started writing this on time. Clock is now 21:49 😉 But the only person I can really blame for this situation is myself and my time management skills. Despite the big workload related to the studies, I have (sometimes for the expense of schoolwork) tried to be active outside school activities as well. By that I don’t mean just drinking and partying although Kauppakadun Appro and M-building Halloween party were both nice experiences too. 

M-building Halloween party

One of my aims when moving to Jyväskylä is to try different kind of sports and activities in order to have some alteration to my regular sports: football, running and gym. University activities and especially University sports provides really broad possibilities for that!

My first “new” sport was Finnish baseball. I am pretty sure that I haven’t played that since upper comprehensive school, so that makes about 10 years pause. I was lucky to have some personal guidance from my classmate Eeva, who used to play Finnish baseball in national level. I really had great time and gain lots of positive experiences. I even seemed to be quite good player…..perhaps it was because notable amount of the participants where exchange students and tried that sport for the first time.

My second trial was ultimate. I participated to beginners course with 40 other rookies. The free course was held by local association called Jyväskylän liitokiekkoilijat. The course was well organized and I am planning to continue playing in the beginners team after the course as well. Ultimate course

My third new sport experiment was Korfball. For those who don’t know what kind of sport is it…don’t worry. Neither did I before I enrolled. I would describe Korf as a mix of  ultimate and basketball. Simply put: Two teams playing against each other and try to throw the ball (similar to football) in to the basket which has no back plate.  Player holding the ball can not take steps. He or she need to pass the ball to their team mates in order to proceed. It is actually much harder to get the ball into the basket without back plate. The Korf (basket) it self was higher than the normal basketball hoop. Also you are more dependent on your team mates cause you can not take steps with the ball.

Korf ball

Korf ball 2

Couple of weeks ago I also took part in volunteer 4-hour lecture about bio-mechanics promoted by Valmentajakahvit.  I thought I was going to participate on normal academic lecture. I soon realized that I had misunderstood.  Instead of auditorium full of people I ended up in a small room, sitting on the floor with only 4 other participants.  The course topic was really about evaluating movement patterns but not from the western point of view. I was introduced with Chinese Shiki-method, developed by some martial art – master. Nevertheless, after the start shock, I had really fun and I got lot’s of new ideas new perspectives even though I do not agree with all of them.  At least now I know that I am a B-type of mover!


During past week I have been a volunteer participant in sport motivation and physical activity program held by second year Sport Psychology students. In this program with a code named Koala (cause they are lazy) us participants keep record about our daily activity wearing a Omron pedometer basicly 24/7.  for one week period.  With the help of the Sport Psychology students, we tried to determine the weak links in our sport participation, increase the motivation and try to find solutions and alternatives for each in order to improve our daily activity level.


After all these sport-related topics I can perhaps reveal some non sport related pictures too 😉

Traditional Finnish Christmas experience
Traditional Finnish Christmas experience
M-building Halloween party
M-building Halloween party

Peace and love !

– Jesse aka El Jefe



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