Gewy Lewy’s Latest Finnish Experience

My experience in Finland first started as a semi-professional footballer back in ’09. This experience of playing football or “jalkopalloa” in Finnish, has had its ups and downs but I would not trade my experiences for anything. I met some of the nicest and coolest dudes and dudettes on this planet here (not to mention my girlfriend). Being accepted to the University of Jyväskylä only cemented the fact that Finland has been similar to a jam session for me, i.e. one of the highlights of the past decade for me! It was right up there with drinking my first beer, or learning how to drive. I had no clue what to expect or what was going to happen. Let’s just suffice it to say I have not been disappointed with Finns. They are truly a unique people with high standards of education, social well-being, and loads of sauna nights.  Recently, I have had a unique sporting experience that I have never had before. It goes a little something like this…

Yesterday, was yet another big time experience for me in Finland. Living here overall for about two years I have experienced a lot there is to offer for a foreigner in Finland! All of my experiences have been different than the next, but playing floorball at the Happee game in-between periods was truly a unique experience. Firstly, I have never played floorball in my life! So there was a bit of nervousness and excitement just to be doing something new. Secondly, we had about 300 spectators watching us play so this just increased the emotional state I was feeling at the time. With such a great fan atmosphere added by the fact that our team comprised of seven different nationalities this floorball game had a positive integrative effect. It was such a huge significance  in terms of international relations and assimilation into Finnish society. What a special honor to be a part of an event such as this.

Before the game we met as a team, talked, and had some jokes to kind of ease the nerves so to speak. And just before the game we had our little “pep talk” in the locker room in which served to unify us as a team. Our goal was simple: to have fun. As the game began we immediately were up against a respectful opponent whose experience and trade within the sport of floorball was evident to see. And as the game went on the scoreboard reflected just that as they managed to sneak five goals passed us. We on the other hand managed to net just two. At the end of the game neither the scoreboard or our egos mattered much, but it was the sportsmanship and team aura that shined through.


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