Decide and enjoy – life is full of choices

I must be the most boring writer since a) I am from Finland so nothing new to write about that, b) I have lived in Jyväskylä few years before this program so nothing new to write about that, c) I have graduated from University of Applied Sciences so I know how studying is in a university so nothing new to write about the studies. Jesus. In addition, I can’t really tell about crazy parties as I can’t attend any parties because of playing volleyball and actually trying to be good at it someday.

BUT you know what?? I just signed for the first party of this fall! I should be able to participate with my fellow students to a Christmas Cruise wohoo!!  The fall term is almost over, 3 weeks left and on the last week I can attend a party and celebrate with friends for the first time, super!:) Someone could be horrified about the lack of parties in my life but I have made a choice to play volleyball in league. Very often life comes down to the choices in life: what we want? Or moreover, what are the things you are ready to sacrifice for it? If there would be alternatives between being the best student of the year, best party animal of the year, or best volleyball player of the year, I would go with the last one. For that I am going to sacrifice some lectures, many parties and nights with friends etc… But, I knew that will happen and even though it definitely is not fun, the sacrifices should be worth it because of the vision/dream/goal I have decided to aim for.


This touches all of us, someone chooses to go to out or for a run instead of reading for exam, someone wants to take all the optional studies and be busy as a beaver and so on but the most important thing is to understand the choices you make and be ready to sacrifice for the choice. We should be able to live with the decisions we make, if I had a fun movie night with friends and not a successful essay writing night, then I should be happy about the quality time with my friends. Being happy with the decisions made makes life enjoyable for me J.  Many students of our program choose to move abroad to study, that is a big decision to make! But they seem to be happy about their decision so far:)

Good idea

We cannot have all at once and making decisions is not easy. But if you really want something, i.e. study abroad or have a master’s degree in Sport Management, go for it! One might have to be apart of the loved ones for a while or live on student budget again so it must be decided which one is more important to one. Dreams are rarely achieved if the implication sucks;) Sometimes there are setbacks of course but that is life. Voltaire said that the most important decision is to be on a good mood – and I agree with him. Having a good mood is kind of a reflection of our decisions so let’s keep that in  mind;) Enjoy life because we are the ones who are making the decisions in life!:)  

“When faced with two choices, simply toss a coin. It works not because it settles the question for you but because in that brief moment when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you are hoping for”



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