A “kid” with kids.

No matter how hard I tried to keep my age in secret my birthday ruined all my plans. After the 28th of September, when it became clear that I am by far the youngest member of our group everything changed!!!…

I am lying:)

The only thing that changed is that now the beloved women of our group call me prince, kid or even baby.

BUT FROM THE PLACE WHERE I COME (actually from one of the places where i come) WE HAVE A PROVERB

“From a child and a crazy person you learn the truth”

However, this post is about a first -time life experience that i had last Saturday. Two weeks ago the manager of my basketball team (Jyvaskyla’s men’s team) told us that we will have to play with small kids in order to promote basketball. It was an event where different kinds of sport were presented and our team had a mini basket for kids.  Our “job” was to attract them to shoot the ball and help them to score if they couldn’t make it on their own.  It sounded easy in the beginning… BUT

1) Ma puhun vahan suomea = I speak a little Finnish and obviously 7-10 years old kids don’t speak English

2) i have never “worked” with kids  (especially at 9.a.m in the morning on Saturday)- to wake up at that time during the weekend is really hard for a Greek-Russian- Egyptian:)

3) All my thoughts about kids before that event included NOISE, TOO MUCH ENERGY AND NOISE.

Despite all my prejudices i woke up, had breakfast, dressed up left all the negativity at home and drove to Synergia Arena.

In my opinion we had a great success. The two hours that I and two of my teammates were there we were surrounded by kids who wanted to try how good they are in basketball.  As I mentioned above my skills of Finnish are not so good, so instead of verbal communication I used non- verbal communication. It came out that if you smile and try to help it’s not necessary to talk. With one of those young gangsters we became friends without even talking the same language ( he is for sure the future of Jyvaskyla’s basketball).

To sum up, i didn’t even want to leave after those two hours and I could say that I had some great time with those kids.  It was a great experience and now I am ready to become a father!:)

I am lying again:)

First, I have to graduate from the Master’s program:)

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