Just when I thought that everything was done and that the last exams & assignments of this autumn term would be behind me, I remembered that I was suppose to write this blog… ups. So it´s not Christmas holiday yet and I´m going to have to push the send button one more time.

When looking back, I have to admit that it was a big decision for me to move to Jyväskylä in September and start studying. It´s been almost ten years ago since the last time I took notes in lectures, had the last evening exam panic or stressed over assignment deadlines. Before coming here I had worked as a PE and health education teacher in a junior high school in Helsinki for eight years.  And you can imagine that it can be quite laborious to work with teenagers, but they have the capacity to be really sweet too and it wasn´t at all an easy decision to leave them and my wonderful co-workers. However, I wanted to develop my skills and knowledge in the field of sports and when I found this program, I knew it was something for me. I was really fortunate to receive the e-mail of acceptance after the application process.

I recommend all of you, who are interested in the program to go closely through the versatile study modules and the degree structure to see if they are appealing to you. Making the application, going through the process, getting accepted, finding a place to live, moving and finally getting started might seem like a demanding process, but it might also be the best decision you ever made. Of course this autumn term has not been a path of roses. You need to be in this for real, and really motivated to survive.


The studies take only two years and to survive also financially, at least the Finnish students, have the possibility to get different kinds of student aids (also those for adults), so you might not have that big of a change in your living standard either. When aiming to make your dreams come true negative things, like e.g. stressing, lack of money and not having life outside the school, are minor details. If the studies increase the quality of life by helping you achieve your goals, it is worthwhile some “suffering” too. I have to confess that our autumn term has not been only painful and tiring (besides that my neck muscles are stuck), we have also been enjoying the ride. Or what do you say about having lectures by experts like Risto Nieminen (President of the NOC), Erkka Westerlund (Head coach of the Finnish national men’s ice hockey team), Raija Laukkanen (Polar Electro Oy), Kimmo Lipponen (former General Secretary of FA), Nita Korhonen (CFM, Motorsports) and many more. We have had projects and courses like planning and organizing a floorball event (MOOSE CUP 2013, ) & analyzing ski resort Laajis functions, so the learning does not happen only by reading books and listening to lecturers. We also have great teachers and a really nice small group of 13 students and that has an awesome team spirit. We come from really different backgrounds, cultures, have different ages and are in different situations in life, but we still get along great and have interesting conversations. And it´s not all about school… we have been playing Frisbee Golf, doing other sports, taking part in Kauppakadun Appro, exam, birthday and Christmas parties, enjoyed the 50th Anniversary event of the Faculty (Sport and Health Sciences), Sporticus Christmas cruise and many more.



Have to say that we have a hectic autumn term behind us, but in addition I have been able to e.g. take part in my sport journalism studies in Vierumäki, helping with organizing the IIHF World U18 Championships, refereeing some ice hockey games, had friends visiting, enjoyed the atmosphere of SkiExpo in Helsinki, some telemark skiing, sauna yoga and winter swimming in Ruka with my friends… so I don´t complain, I´m having the time of my life and can´t wait to see what´s ahead of me & where these studies are going to take me in the future.  RELAXING CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!


I´ll be spending mine at least skiing and I guess also cleaning, that I have not had that much time for earlier on… 😉


And all of you, who are not yet SpoSMaPro-students, do not hesitate to jump on board!! 🙂


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