Kick off

It seems that the endless darkness is finally history and we got long-awaited winter to Finland. Usually our northern location guarantees relatively good conditions for winter sports and several outdoor activities way earlier than January. Winter sports plays central role in Finnish field of sports and therefore global warming is not warmly welcome here.  Especially now when Finnish top athletes are preparing themselves for upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics the lack of snow cause some challenges. At the same time kids are missing their snow plays and pensioners cannot go for ice fishing. How depressing. Luckily it seems that the real winter has finally arrived and we can enjoy winter activities again. So the kick off for winter is now completed.

However these exceptional environmental conditions together with forthcoming  Sochi Winter Olympics with the specific political tension offers plenty of interesting topics for discussion in 2014 Winter School in Sport Sciences. Winter School in Sport Sciences offers three courses which are Sport Marketing, International Perspectives to Organisation and Management of Sport and Winter Sports. Sport marketing and management both are extremely context related subjects and therefore it is appropriate to discover burning phenomena during the Winter School courses. I see the Winter School as a good way to kick off this year studies and learn about the most recent issues in sport marketing and management. Extremely international study group including people from different cultural and educational backgrounds enables a fruitful discussion from several different perspectives.

Kick off for year 2014 will be really interesting for both global and Finnish sports. I personally cannot wait to see progression of the new Finnish sport act which will affect the future direction of our sports and physical activity. Sochi 2014 surely offers goodies for many sport spectators including myself. FIFA World Cup in Brazil will guarantee increasing demand for new televisions all around the World. I am sure that sports year 2014 can offer plenty of positive experiences and interesting occasions for everyone. Just remember to seize an opportunity and enjoy!


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