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Highlights of our journey in Finland (so far)

It has been almost six months since my wife, Micay, and I moved to Jyväskylä to pursue further studies and it has been the few of the best months we have ever had so far. Being over 9 000 km away from home, it has not been that difficult for us to live here because […]

Practice makes the master

I was searching for a topic for this blog and I took a look at my previous writing last fall. Back then I wondered if we ever will have time to enjoy this special period of our lives. Anyhow, after the tiring fall semester I found myself alive filling my stomach with Christmas food. If […]

Mixed feelings and high hopes

Our second semester here in Jyväskylä has finally started. Winter school was great and we got a chance to make new friends from different parts of the world. This week also our SpoSMaPro group got together after a long winter break and started our semester with master’s thesis seminar. Our autumn semester was extremely intensive […]

-27° Weather, Darkness, Rain, and Snow yet Finland is still awesome!!

Last Time I wrote in this blog I said Finland is awesome. Many of the people, who I meet here, said that I should wait for November and see if I still think that Finland is awesome. For in that time there is a lot of darkness (about 4 hours of sun per day), lots […]

Fun, friends and floorball

It’s the beginning of February now and this blog post gives me the opportunity to look back and reminisce all the great things that have been going on in the last few months. First semester is over, plenty of interesting courses, winter school and all the experiences that come with them. It’s been definitely an […]