Fun, friends and floorball

It’s the beginning of February now and this blog post gives me the opportunity to look back and reminisce all the great things that have been going on in the last few months. First semester is over, plenty of interesting courses, winter school and all the experiences that come with them. It’s been definitely an intensive ride but I’m glad there seems no end, because the beginning of the year has also been far from standing still. Actually right now I’m writing this post from Starbucks in Germany because I don’t have an Internet in my new appartment yet. I moved here in Nuremberg two days ago in order to begin my internship at Adidas in the marketing department. I’m really looking forward for my first days at work, and also for putting that knowledge into practise which I have gained in the class room.

After one semester of studying it’s easy to say that our SpoSMaPro 2013 group has grown really close with the continous support and flexibility from the staff members. I think it’s fair to say that we have a great team spirit. It’s a privilige to study in a group where everybody help and inspire each other. A great example of that was the famous floorball tournament Moose Cup. It was a test for our professional skills and how we can work together in order to organize an event. Fun, friends and floorball (our theme) were all united in that happening and everybody seemed to have a good time. In addition to this practical exercise, all the theories in the lectures, visitor speakers and group assignments have widened our perspective about the field of sports in general. Personally, my main area of interest is sport management and marketing. However, after studying sport sociology and health promotion more, they have given me lots of new ideas and deepened my understanding about the big picture.

Next months are filled with awesome sport spectacles. Super Bowl, Winter Olympics, World Cup… It’s going to be inspiring to follow these major events both from spectator’s view but also from the aspects that we have learned in class. My personal goal is to try as many new sports as possible this year, and I’ve already started with yoga and crossfit. I hope these experiments will bring something new to my main sport football as well. Anyway, I see I have been sitting in this coffee shop way too long, and it’s time to go home. Maybe to even write a few sentences of my master’s thesis.. Oh wait, it’s saturday, so maybe not 🙂




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