Practice makes the master

I was searching for a topic for this blog and I took a look at my previous writing last fall. Back then I wondered if we ever will have time to enjoy this special period of our lives.

Anyhow, after the tiring fall semester I found myself alive filling my stomach with Christmas food. If the first semester passed by without having too much free time to do things I like, during the break I had plenty of time to do what I enjoy the most; sport. At the same time I made a conscious decision to enjoy the spring semester and the student life here in Jyväskylä. And for me it means first and foremost making use of the easy and almost free access to all the awesome sport facilities.

Maybe it was in a dark and smelly gym corner when a Finnish proverb suddenly came to my mind. And after being studying in English for a while, my brain automatically tried to translate it. And it made me smile! An enthusiastic amateur linguist inside me had noticed a witty coincidence in this translation. And now I cannot help seizing the opportunity to share this little wordplay with you!

In Finnish language we have a saying “harjoitus tekee mestarin”. In English this could be something like “practice makes perfect”, but literally translated “practice makes the master”. One way or the other, the basic meaning in both languages is that if you practice something enough you will become very good at it. You will become a master. This approach is valid both in studies and in sport.

Simple, right?

But unfortunately our language is not quite as simple as that. In Finnish there are two different words for the multiple meanings of an English word “master”. In Finnish, “mestari” means a person having a great skill in something whereas “maisteri” means a graduate holding a master’s degree. On the other hand, “harjoitus” – basically meaning “practice” – can be translated also as “training” and “exercise” which refers to having physical activities. This line of thoughts leads to the conclusion where the English version “practice makes the master” can be translated into a form “harjoitus tekee maisterin”. It means that by having physical activities you will obtain a master´s degree.

Somehow it sounds very good to me!

It is true that here at Liikunta practice – or exercise – is really making the master. For a sport lover Liikunta is a heaven on earth. Our studies have been full of learning and practicing new professional skills but studying in such an environment gives us also a great chance to practice and try different sports as much as we can ever imagine. While some of us are executing “serious leisure” by focusing on their sport careers, I have an opportunity to take my leisure very unseriously and just enjoy the sport supply in the university. Now it´s time for not to take any extra stress about the studies or the graduation. Say what you want but practice will make me the master. Eventually. The good thing is that the longer it takes the better condition I will be in. 😉

Let´s learn one word more in Finnish!

palautusjuoma = recovery drink


That´s why I don´t use them…

❤ Henni


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