Time flies fast when you are having fun (and studying!)

It has already been more than 6 months since our group of SpoSMaPro started our studies at the University of Jyväskylä. It feels very surreal to think how fast time has flown by and how many things have happened during this time… Last fall semester was so intense and filled with many assignments and deadlines that it comes as no surprise that for this spring semester many of us have wanted to fill our days with something else besides just school work. The semester started off slowly, so it offered me the possibility to do more sports and try new things, such as YOGA, which is really my current favorite! SO, as the saying goes; “time flies fast when you are having fun!!” It really does. It has been an amazing time to get to know my fellow class mates more and during this time of our studies here, our group has really grown together and I am very happy to be a part of this group! We have been able to learn a lot from each other and also with the help from our program staff members gained very enriching experiences and valuable knowledge and skills.

SpoSMaPro @ Salpausselkä Ski Games
SpoSMaPro @ Salpausselkä Ski Games
SpoSMaPro @ Salpausselkä Ski Games
SpoSMaPro @ Salpausselkä Ski Games

The beginning of the year 2014 has offered a wide range of amazing sport events! To say the least, this has been an interesting time to study at the Sports Faculty from this point of view. Especially February was a time of living in a bubble called “the Winter Olympics 2014”. The XXII Winter Olympics held in Sochi offered once again exciting two weeks in front of the TV! Besides just watching at the Olympic Games (at home, student lounge, Syke café, Live stream during lectures and so on), it also provided an interesting platform for many interesting discussions about sports, the role and image of Olympic sports in the minds of people, and inevitably politics as well. Sochi Olympics were stamped to be the “Putin Olympics” and the media loved it! They were able to make headlines from just about anything that was wrong in Sochi before and during the Olympics. While reading this news, it made me think of our study module “Sport and Media” held by Mr. Risto Rasku. This course is one of the most interesting this spring, and challenges us to analyze and critically view the information overload that is being poured on us from all various sources of media. All in all, Sochi and Russia hosted excellent Winter Olympic Games, and reassured me once again as a sport student that this is exactly what I want to study!

In the beginning of our spring semester we did not have that many compulsory study modules, so it offered us the possibility to obtain elective study credits. From early on, I wanted to study some of the basic business studies in order to gain knowledge from the business aspect and how to use this information in the future. “Introduction to accounting” – course, which is part of the Basic Business Studies, was a challenging but yet useful study module for my future career, for sure. Although it was a whole lot of income statements, balance sheets, cost management systems, which really are not my cup of tea, it made me step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself as well as develop myself professionally  in a whole new way. As we were studying a “Quantitative Research Methods”-course at the same time, which is based on calculations, analyzing numbers and mathematical formulas, it made me feel like I was studying at the Mathematics Faculty!! I have to admit I’m glad and privileged to study at the Sports Faculty, where I truly feel at home!

During this spring semester we have been introduced study modules, which are covering topics related to the large area of Health Promotion. I must admit this is the area that I consider as my weakness or where I’m lacking most knowledge in, and therefore I’m very much looking forward to these courses. “Public Health and Health Promotion”-course introduces us concepts and areas of health promotion and “Applications to Health Promotion to Sport Clubs” offers interesting addition to this course as to how to apply this information of health promotion in sport club settings. Having a competitive sport club background, this type of study module offers interesting point of view of health promotion and knowledge and tools to apply this information at work settings.

Oh, and what about Master’s thesis? It’s coming. Slowly, but steady… Now it is time to start waiting for the next major sport event spectacle: FIFA WORLD CUP, BRAZIL 2014! I will be attending this event as a tourist, and I must say I’m anxiously waiting what Brazil has in store for me. If I’m not lucky enough to combine internship placement with this trip, I will be just fine enjoying the crazy festival spirit “All in One Rhythm” (official slogan).

– Kati

FIFA World Cup 2014 BRAZIL
FIFA World Cup 2014 BRAZIL

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