Only about a month left… I am already missing you!

Once again I forgot my blog deadline, ups… I am so concentrated on the courses, assignments, projects and other things in life, that I totally forgot the blog, because it wasn’t in my calendar. You really need organizing skills to be able to have time for everything. I might have it easier if the University wouldn’t offer so interesting courses, that it makes my calendar looks like a mess. I am very eager to take them and absorb all information available, but we’ll see if I’ll survive 🙂


My other studies in sport journalism are almost over (despite the thesis), I’m having last games of the season to referee in ice hockey and I should have more time for studies. But I apparently like to keep myself busy and I am helping to organize this great project and I can’t the championships to get started. 17 April the puck is dropped to start the 2014 IIHF U18 World Championships in Lappeenranta and Imatra. I really hope that I can put some of learned things into practise when working as an arena manager in Lappeenranta ice rink. Even if I have done similar work in previous competitions I feel that have more tools to manage the job. The studies have helped me to understand better how to organize events, sport in general and also to be more critical and perceptive. These games are going to be really exciting, especially when the players are going be drafted this summer. There are still some tickets left, so welcome to enjoy some amazing ice hockey in the Eastern Finland!


The sun in shining outside, but I am still quite happy to explore Norway’s sport policy… something wrong with me or maybe I just have found my calling? I can’t complain, when my days are filled with comparing different countries sport systems, analysing youth sports and cultures, trying to study the relationship between sport and media & sport and society, understand financial management of sport, listen to lectures about current issues in management and social sciences of sport, realize marketing aspects of sports and health promotion.

Now I am going to continue reading the book “Mitä tilinpäätös kertoo?” (What the balance sheet says?), having the exam on Monday…

I can’t really understand that it is only about a month of rigorous studying ahead and then it’s already summer holiday or some summer courses that we wouldn’t get any withdrawal symptoms from studies. I am just worried how I’m going to survive without my awesome classmates, team spirit and without our great conversations. I think we have to organize a get-together at someone’s summerhouse in order to survive over the summer, but I am sure we can do it 🙂

-Eve 😉



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