SPSS and other fun stuff

Like my colleagues have already mentioned the 2nd semester started a bit lighter than the first one. After the Winter School I packed my laptop and sport gears and moved in to Vuokatti Sport Institute for 2,5 weeks. Around the Christmas time I was able to get an assignment for my master’s thesis in a big health intervention program in Kainuu area in North-East Finland. The Active Life and Work (ALIWO) program is carried out in a co-operation with University of Jyväskylä Sport biology department.

Views in Vuokatti

In the fitness test measurements for my Master’s thesis, I was able to use my knowledge and expertise from my previous studies in physiotherapy which was obviously a fantastic opportunity for me. For a change, It was nice to do something practical despite the fact that it also included quite a lot of paperwork. In the afternoons and on weekends I was able to enjoy the great sport facilities of Vuokatti! Despite the poor snow situation in the most of the Finland (Jyväskylä included), in Vuokatti there was a great opportunity to do cross country skiing, snowboarding, ice swimming, snowshoeing etc. I also ventured to try Gymstick – lesson for the first time of my life. I think my hamstring and gluteus muscles have never been as sore than the day after.


After a couple of weeks of absence, it was really nice to spend some time with our group members. Like mentioned earlier, after the Sochi Olympics we did an excursion trip to a tarditional sport city Lahti, to see the Lahti ski-games. was a first time for me in cross country skiing and in a ski jumping contest and also the first time I also tried Lahti’s famous culinary speciality, The meat mug is a soda cup full of kebab meat!

Oh and we have this really nice course about quantitative research methods and SPSS – program going on! 😉 … although I think some of my class mates don’t share this opinion with me.



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