“What we do today is what matters most” -Buddha

Yep time really flies, now it is again my turn to write something. At the moment, I don’t have any voice left, even whispering is louder than my pathetic voice. We are playing our volleyball finals now and of course I got sick before the games and now I do not have voice anymore. It made me think though what a life without a voice would sound like. Quite quiet.

Social life would be awful without voice and that is one of the best parts of this program, being social and talk with friends and teachers. It is just great how much we can actually talk and share our own opinions at the classroom too. We are expected to take part into conversations in the class which has been a surprise for some people who come from different cultures. Sometimes it also creates challenges when a teacher asks us something and nobody answers anything because everyone was too busy with other thoughts (or drawing a Sponge Bob like Miguel).Image

Anyways, it is nice to have the atmosphere that respects also the students and our opinions. That way we would be (maybe) more ready to open our mouths also in the future when working. By opening your mouth and sharing your opinion you can actually make a difference (or you are closer to make one than remaining silent and complaining in your head) and who knows what opportunities there might lie ahead. Sometimes it seems like there are no possibilities anywhere, summer jobs are superfind to find, life kicks you in the head and steals your voice but sometimes the things you might have done and said in the past can offer you something unexpected in the future.



That’s why I appreciate those people who manage to see an effort in their daily life to treat people around them right and do things right, who can strive towards their goals and still leave a nice memory of them behind. I don’t mean pleasing everyone around you but being fair and realize that your actions now might build the future of yours as well. I claim that those people will have the chance to use their voice also in the future and they will actually be heard. And when that opportunity of your life comes, you don’t need a microphone to be heard, the things and people from your past will defend and support you. My motto this year has been: “Work hard in silence, let success be your noise” and it seems to be good one! 😉 


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