Life is simple.

The fact that today is already 3rd of Apri and I am writing this blog  is something unbelievable for two reasons. Firstly, formally I have  to upload a blog on sunday 6th which means that I am three days ahead of the deadline (which means that the Greek who is always late just destroyed this stereotype).


Secondly,time flies. Flies like  butterflies fly in the stomach of a person who is in love.

Not in mine!

What about me?

I am getting old:) But everyday when I go to the university i feel young again…

Just kidding:)

They know I love them.

I have to admit that my imagination concerning this blog is a bit poor. The explaination comes from the following picture.



EAT, SLEEP, (STUDY), WIN THE PLAYOFFS.  This is all I have been thinking about lately. Next wednesday the finals are starting and I am nervous and excited at the same time.  The fact that we have a really good atmosphere in our group was proved one more time  by my peeps who came and support me and Saana during our games. Sposmapro (class 2013) -LOVE.

Spring is almost here despite the fact that the weather made fool of us in the 1st of April( it snowed).  All the courses of this second semester are interesting and generally this semester wasn’t so busy as the first one concerning the amount of things to do. I think the busiest part of it will take part during  Easter holidays when we have to prepare our seminar papers and presentations concerning our Master’s theses.

If  there is someone out there except our own group  who is reading this blog…

Yes, i am referring to you who still debate with yourself should you come and study in Jyvaskyla.


Miguel already justified in his two blogs the phrase above.

Finally, Dr. King (check the picture below) will show how motivated I am in winning the finals.


P.S 1: I miss you big time , Professor Antti.

P.s 2: ich werde dich vermissen Philip.





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