New Friends!

First week of studies is always really interesting because you get to meet so many new people. When we had our first meeting with our Sport Management and Health Promotion 2014-2016 group we all introduced ourselves. It was so nice to finally meet everyone and I was happy that we had different countries represented in our group. I found it pretty funny that all our girls are from Finland and all the boys are international. There is only nine of us so we learnt to know each other I think quiet well pretty quickly, and we get along very well. It was so funny to see how everything develops so quickly.. First everybody is pretty shy and thinks what they say, but pretty quickly we learnt to be ourselves and are more open with each other. There were two things that I liked the most during first weeks, hence I will tell more about: Dinner at Marias and Laajavuori Adventure Park.

Since we are having such a nice group we decided to hang out together outside class, and we made dinner together. The idea was that everyone brought something from their home country if it was possible. Philipp brought us an Austrian dessert, Tim some Belgium beer, and we Finns offered some Karjalanpiirakka, saaristolaisleipä, and of course Mustamakkara since Maria and I are from Tampere. During the dinner we chatted about school life and also about what do we do outside of school. I found the night were nice. It was nice to hang out and get to know each other better. I think the atmosphere in our group is great. So that was my favourite moment with our group.

Here is a picture of our night (Thanks Maria for the photo)


During first week we also went to Laajavuori Adventure Park. It was great fun. Sporticus arranged that for us, and there were also exchange students and other international degree students. It was so much fun! I am really competitive and of course I wanted to do all the possible variations. I think pretty much everybody wanted to do that. Nothing was too hard but some things were a little more complicated. Leena and I tried to help each other by telling which might be good technique but I think different things works for different people, and we all completed all the different courses so that’s great. I think it was overall really fun and it was nice to meet other internationals as well! Here are few pictures from the adventure park!

köysirata2                                                köysirata

I think the main point of the first week has been to get to know so many new people and make new friends from Finland and from other parts of the world. We have had great time together at school and outside of school! 🙂

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