The end of the beginning

A month has passed since we have started our studies in Sports Management and Health Promotion. Although the moving to Finland part wasn’t new for me since I’ve been an exchange student here before, it have been very exciting days and weeks. The nine of us get along well and so far we had great moments together, luckily because we’ll be a little family who has to work together rather often in the upcoming years.

Now the first couple of weeks have past it feel like the beginning is over. Deadlines start to pile up and exams come closer. If one thing is for sure it is that these years will be a lot more pleasant if you don’t push things forward and set them to order ‘last minute’. That might be a characteristic to change from my Belgian study-style…

Luckily there has been time for fun too. The second year students challenged us for a volleyball match, the losers would buy beers for the winners. They thought of course they would crush us with all their team-experience. But it turned out we had bonded so well that we could withstand their power. It became a very tight and exciting game, but after three sets we managed to win the match.

Featured image
SpoSMaPro ’14 for the win!

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The past weeks the weather has still been nice and because I know what’s coming up (the darkness of November) this has made it hard for me to stay inside and complete my schoolwork. The thought of the approaching darkness and rain has won more then once and lured me outside to a climbing crag, to go slacklining or to play frisbee golf. Jyväskylä is a very nice place for many outdoor (sport) activities. within minutes you can be in the forest for a quick run and a short drive brings you to several climbing or bouldering areas. Two weekends ago I was even able to setup a highline not far from here (?first highline in Finland?) – special thanks to Emmu and other friends from our faculty! The situation wasn’t perfect though so let’s hope we can go back before winter strikes to fine tune the system!

Featured image
frisbee golf with Philipp

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Some things to look forward to are “Day at work” next week where I’ll get the opportunity to follow the working life in a Finnish firm for a day, The moose cup ( a floorball tournament we organize, 25th of November, save the date!) and many other activities. But I’m sure there will be more posts on that later.

Weather-wise I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end and that autumn stays with us for a while longer, so we can enjoy the vivid colors on fresh sunny days.



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