Everything is awesome! :)

It’s the beginning of October. The last week before our autumn break. As the beautiful yellow and red leaves fall down I finally have time to stop for a while, take a deep breath and process what have been happening the last weeks. New people, new school, new city…even If I’m a Finn, this has been an autumn full of changes. Since the majority of our class wasn’t familiar with Jyväskylä or didn’t know too many people living here from before, we have been doing a lot of things together. We kind of have our own little international family.

This week we got familiar with the University library and learned how to search for articles for our master’s thesis. It has been very useful to learn all this in the beginning of our studies since we are expected to start actively to think about our thesis already during our first year. It has been interesting to notice that all of us have very different ideas about the topics we want to research. Beside of the wide range of thesis topics, I found working in our multicultural group very enriching. We constantly have intensive discussion with different perspectives and I personally have learned a lot from this. We are very similar but still very different. A good way to get to know each other has been by sports on our leisure time, e.g. playing futsal, ping-pong, frisbeegolf or slacklining. The facilities the university offers for us to do sports are amazing!

Kaisa and Philipp playing Ping-Pong on a break between lectures 🙂


This week we also had a birthday girl in our group, Janita. We went out to a really nice winebistro for some drinks, mingled and enjoyed the company. Jyväskylä is a nice place to chill in, there are a lot of small cafeterias, pubs and restaurants to try. During the weekend the ones who stayed in Jyväskylä made delicious homemade pizza, played funny board games and watched movies together. When it gets dark and cold outside, I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than light up candles and have cozy evenings with friends! 🙂

Homemade pizza by Duncan and Maria 🙂 Eaten by Philipp and Emmu 🙂
Happy Birthday dear Janita! 🙂

This autumn has so far been on the same time exciting and exhausting. But luckily all the new information is finally starting to turn into routines. Now I am just impatient for the winter, snow and Christmas to arrive! 🙂



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