Same old, but all new.

“Learning to walk again.

I believe that I’ve waited long enough.

Where do I begin?

I’m learning to talk again.

Can’t you see I’ve waited long enough?

Where do I begin?”

-Foo Fighters-

These lyrics spoke to me personally when I heard them while walking through darkness in the end of October. I started thinking my journey to this point and I realized that even though I had plunged into the unknown before, coming to Jyväskylä and starting at SpoSMaPro was a leap of faith that I needed to take in order to find a new direction in my life. My journey started already over a year ago when I got accepted to this programme. From that moment on up until last September I equally waited and dreaded to come to Jyväskylä and start master studies. To me it didn’t only mean moving to a completely new city or beginning of intense university studies, but also having to change everything that I knew and was used to back home. It also meant that I needed to remind myself what studying was all about and how to think in a critical way that was appropriate for this particular setting.

During the first weeks of actual studies I was completely lost and realized that a lot had changed since I finished my Bachelor studies five years ago. There was so much to take in and I was overwhelmed about how much I needed to remember. I took me a while to get used to everything, but now it all seems natural and I wonder why was I so nervous in the first place.

Since the studies have really kicked off it has been a ride that you have had to hold on to. It is thrilling at times but still not an easy one if you want to keep up with the schedule and graduate on time. Even though we have not had lesson from 8 to 4 everyday or even had days without any lectures it still doesn’t mean that you can slack off. We need to return our papers and assignments on time or there will be no grades. But, although this fall has been all work and very little play, I have still enjoyed it and concentrating on schoolwork has made the time fly. The end of the first semester is almost tangible and all we need to do is give that one last extra push and we’re there…but not just yet.

There is about a month to go and two more exams to take. Our study schedule has consisted of mostly theory courses and lectures, but there has been few gems hidden between thousands of lines of text and research articles. Planning a student floor ball tournament has been one of them. The course is basically all practical learning and we students have been working closely together to organize a fun and memorable day for all the players and spectators and obviously for us too. With just few more weeks to go to the actual Moose Cup floor ball tournament, planning is getting more and more intense. This week we took our marketing plan to the next level and we had a flash mob at L-building. Side events team had made an awesome job on creating a moose dance and after they taught us the dance we took it to the entrance hall of Liikunta with our whole course dancing along. Even the mascot Moose of the tournament and mascot Hen of ESN Finland took part and hand out flyers to the interested crowd watching us give all out.

Moose warming up for the Moose Cup flash mob..right ball, wrong surface.
Moose warming up for the Moose Cup flash mob..right ball, wrong surface.
Getting ready for the big performance. Moose (left) and ESN Finland Hen
Getting ready for the big performance. Moose (on the left) and ESN Finland Hen

Although it has been crazy busy-nerve wrecking-“when am I going to do this assignment” fall semester I am really glad that I took the leap of faith and trusted my gut feeling that everything’s going to work out, as it always does one way or another. I really feel that I have learned to walk again and I have definitely learned to talk again…and even learnt some new words along the way.




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