Waiting for winter…

Being involved with as well as doing sports everyday is brilliant. Since getting accepted and deciding to come to Jyväskylä, I was quite nervous about what it was going to be like. Immediately when we started, even during the first week I realised that I had made the right decision. This is just my kind of thing! It’s exactly what I had been missing. The transition from before hasn’t exactly been easy but I swear I’m getting the hang of it…little by little at least. What makes it easier is sport and people.

The first month or so felt like the pace of studies was pretty slow but now that we have gotten into the “busy weeks” I’m especially glad for the different sporting opportunities that are available here in Jyväskylä; through the university, the municipality as well as just simply the nature. Doing sport, especially when I’m under a lot of pressure is what keeps me sane.

The facilities as well as the possibilities that are offered are almost endless. Being able to attend a variety of classes such as combatic or body pump is absolutely awesome! And that’s really just a very small part of it. You can also take classes, which run for half a semester in for example gymnastics for a very small price, join one of the many sports teams of the university or simply just go and play a sport for fun at one of it’s designated times. Liikunta (the faculty) as well as the whole university is full of students and staff who you can get to know through sports and exercise. I have so far had the pleasure of trying American football, combatic and just this past week; me, Janita and Maria went to a ballroom dancing class. Hopefully the skills we learned there will come in handy at Liikunta’s ball in December 😉

Something new…


Personally I enjoy sports in nature and especially winter sports more than anything. We’ve already had a small glimpse of what it’s going to be like this winter when the weather gave us a few days of a winter wonderland. I mean there is snow on the ground now but we had about 10 cm of it for a few days. It was utter bliss. Snow just makes the whole world much brighter. I cannot wait to go cross-country skiing, snowboarding or just simply build a snowman. It was already so much more fun to go skating at Nisulan monttu (the artificial ice pitch in Viitaniemi) than to just skate at an indoor ice rink.


Following footsteps…


Nisulan monttu, full of action


Waiting for winter and snow,



Ps. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


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