The moose was here!

As the title says the moose was in Jyväskylä. No, not a real one but the moose from the Moose Cup 2014! You don’t know what the Moose Cup is all about?

THE Moose

Let me tell you then!

Moose Cup is our annually hosted floorball tournament fully organized and executed by the students of the Department of Sport Sciences. It is part of our curriculum which sees us in full lead and responsibility of making this event as unique as possible.

If you think now that this whole thing sounds like a lot of work, you are completely right! But this amount of work pays off in the end of the tournament when the final whistle blows and you are able to give the trophy to the well deserved winning team.

Winning team with their trophy

Getting back to the amount of work you will see yourself in a lot of situations where you need to find out how and when to solve different problems. This may result in stressful situations or thinking about giving-up at that time but as soon as you see that your own thinking and acting starts to work out you will get an extra boost of motivation out of it and keep going on organizing the best tournament ever.

This year our group apparently did quite a good job as we set the new record for “Most participating teams” as we were able to get 20 teams registered for the tournament. This saw us in the situation where we had to figure out how to allocate all the people – both the project team and the participants. If you think about having around 200 people at the facility at almost the same time this task required a lot of good nerves for all of the team. But you start to cope with it and try to make the best out of it as nothing can really shake you anymore after organizing those things. Not even a group of people who stay longer on their court prior to the tournament which sees you in the position of being almost 20 minutes late to start the first games. You just start to realize that getting all frustrated and nervous about being late doesn’t make anything better but worse. So you kick off the tournament as nothing ever happened and simply catch up with the pre-set time schedule. Nothing as easy as that 😉

Setting up the boards worked perfectly fine

The set-up of the boards was not the only problem that arose during the tournament but as previously said nothing can bring you out of your balance anymore and you just get along with it. I think that this will benefit us a lot in our future studies as you become more and more flexible and less and less frustrated when things change in the last seconds.

In the end we had one “hell of a tournament” which also the participants felt like as we good really good feedback from them. And that’s the thing you are striving for – doing things that others enjoy and which makes you happy because of that. (After the final whistle I couldn’t stop smiling for at least 1 or 2 minutes)

To finalize this entry I dare you – future SpoSMaPro students – to beat our tournament and make it even better than this year. We would be more than happy to help you achieving this target with the knowledge and experiences we gained this year.

We will see you on the other side! (as players and not as organizers anymore)

See you next year!
See you next year!

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