Awesome first semester behind!

The exiting first semester is reaching its end soon. This week we had our last lectures together before the Christmas. In one week I will still have a couple of exams but otherwise I’m ready for the break. It feels a bit unreal to be at this point. The last months passed so quickly and we are already fully involved in the study life in Jyväskylä. I had to admit that the beginning wasn’t that easy since there were a lot of changes in life in a sort period of time but as soon as I got familiar with the new places, people and practices I realized how lucky I am to be here. We are having a great group in our master´s program and actually the whole faculty of sport is full of nice students. It creates a really nice athmosphere for studying. Well, also the nice athmosphere and possibilies e.g. for a gym, ping pong or sauna during the day at the university might disturb the studying motivation a bit. 😉

This past week has been full of pre-Christmas parties, the Finnish independence day celebrations (6.12.) and of course Liikunta Dancing ball. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate this ball, which is the biggest annual celebration in the faculty. Apparently, it is all about shows, fancy dresses, good music and delicious food with some drinks. It is a good way for everybody to get-together before the Christmas holidays and before saying goodbye to new exchange student friends. We are having quite a long winter break since our lectures continue only in the end of January. In the last weeks of January an international winter school will be organized here in Jyväskylä and the students of our master´s program can also participate in it.

All in all this first semester has been great. I have learned a lot, and also practised my English skills which (still some years ago) I would not have thought to be able to use in an academic context. I have made close friends, enjoyed the beautiful nature of Jyväskylä and practised different sports. One of the great things  in the Faculty of Sport and Health Science is also that it has its own sport club “Liikunnan Riemu”. The club has teams in nine different sports and it has more than 300 members. Being part of the women’s futsal team has been great, making it possile to practise and play games once again and to make new friends with students from the different programs inside the faculty.

If I now look back and think of my life a year ago when I was in the application process, I have to say that a lot of things have changed, but the most important thing is that those changes happened because I wanted and believed them to happen. The application period for the master´s program of Sport Management and Health Promotion has started so don’t be afraid to change your life a bit! These changes are worth all the possible uncertainty and workload. Do not hesitate to apply to this AWESOME program! 😉



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