Snow & Sunshine

After a long and relaxing Christmas break it feels nice to get back to some routines again. This semester we don’t have so many obligatory courses so most of us are taking optional courses based on our own interests to fill our schedules. There are a lot of options to choose from, even from other faculties. One possibility is to do an internship in Finland or abroad. So that is what I’ve been up to the last weeks, searching for possible workplaces and writing applications. I think that doing an internship is a really nice way to learn and on the same time see what options there are out there I terms of our future carries.


Besides of planning my future, I’ve been happy to have the time to enjoy different sports that the University offers for its students. There is a lot of different activities to choose from! Everything from ball games to swimming and dancing, group fitness classes to martial arts, winter sports to wellbeing classes… the list just goes on! And all this for a ridiculously low annual price (50-60€ if I remember correctly)!

The weather has for the last few days been really beautiful! Sunny and not too cold, just perfect! Compered to the south of Finland, this year we do have a lot of now (almost 50cm)! I was a little nervous about bicycling in the winter but it actually has been working out fine! It’s still the most convenient way to get around here, even with a snowboard or an ice hockey stick on ones back 🙂



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