First two months of the spring semester

I personally did not attend to winter school which made my beginning of the semester a little easier. However, now the school has started to be a little bit busier. There are not that many courses this semester but there is more work, for example, related to our theses. I’ve been also looking and filling applications for possible internship opportunities or summer job. There are many things to do all the time, but I think this semester  feels easier than the first one because we are getting used to how to do things, and what is expected from us, and also we have got to know our own group better and that makes working together easier.  It is really nice to have easier semester and more time for you thesis after having quiet busy first semester.

We also still have plenty of free time from. I haven’t been much in Jyväskylä due the fact that I play football in Tampere and I have practices almost every night. Hence, I have spent a great deal of time in the train the past two months. But everytime when I am in Jyväskylä our group have something fun going on. We like to go play hockey or just skating and one time I was also able to go to Laajavuori for downhill skiing with our group. That night was a student night and the tickets were only 10€!

Like I said before this semester is going by pretty fast and I can’t believe that soon we will be done with our first semester!


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