Seminars and sunshine

Although the programme has a lot of courses scheduled for this spring and the thesis process is keeping me very busy, I have still found time and motivation to participate in some seminars outside of the programme. This past week for example has been extremely busy for me as I took part in two seminars in my “spare” time; a seminar for sport business management organized by Jyväskylä University of applied sciences (JAMK) and a seminar on female coaches in the Jyväskylä region organised by Naisvalmentajahanke.

The seminar held at JAMK was organized by their sports business school and focused on sport business intelligence. I have not thought that much about sport business intelligence when working in sports clubs for instance, but I will for sure in the future. I learned a lot about how important it is to know your customers or fans in order to develop your services and products and market them better.

Introduction to the seminar at JAMK
The maturity level of your sports organisation can develop

Neste Oil Rally was presented as an example and it really showed me what kind of things you should know about your customers/fans and how you can utilize that information. I also learned that it is extremely important to be able to categorize customers/fans and collect even some kind of information about them, even if your resources are scarce. The information could really be invaluable and in my opinion and conducting small customer satisfaction studies etc. is really a time management issue. Obviously you have to realise the benefits in order to be motivated to do the work. I think that the main point of the seminar was that the things that you do to develop your sport business or club at whatever level, should be based on factual information. The seminar will be organized again next year and I definitely recommend going if you are in Jyväskylä at the time and speak Finnish… 😉

Naisvalmentajahanke organized the second seminar, which I attended this week. Naisvalmentajahanke is a project run by VALO (the Finnish sport confederation) to help get more women involved in coaching/ keep women involved in sport after they stop playing. The seminar included two different speakers; Satu Kaski who is a sport psychologist helped us think about how the “spark” for coaching is ignited by encouraging us to look back at our own sporting careers as well as football coach Pauliina Miettinen talking about her path from an athlete to a coach. The seminar also included a lot of discussion in order to encourage more female coaches/ coaches who coach female athletes to create professional networks extending across the borders of different sports. The seminar in it self was very inspiring and gave me a little “boost”. In general I find that these types of networking evenings or discussion evenings can be very energizing and help me stay motivated.

So many different directions and choises for that matter 🙂

On another note… Something else, which keeps me energized and motivated to keep working and attending these types of events is exercise. My favourite type of exercise at the moment is cross-country skiing. Spring has arrived here in Jyväskylä and although there is very little snow left for instance by the University; because of the huge differences in altitude there are still a lot of good ski tracks. As well as getting exercise, which helps me keep focused I really enjoy the sunshine, which has been gracing us with its presence lately. Here’s hoping that the sun keeps shining and the ski tracks stay at least a little while longer. I’m not ready to say good-bye to the snow quite yet 😉


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