Sun Sun Fun…

It is crazy how fast the days have got longer and a bit warmer also. (It’s possible to run in the forests still after 9 p.m. with daylight). Sometimes when the sun is shining I’m even hoping the weather would be a bit worse..all because of the amount of the assignments to do before the summer break. After the dark winter you just want to be outside enjoying the sunlight instead of the library, but it’s good to remember that it will be nicer to enjoy the deserved summer holiday when all the studies are done. I’ve finally decided to stay the summer in the beautiful summer city of Jyväskylä. I had possibilities to work aboard or in Helsinki but finally I decided to discover, what does the summer have to give here, and to enjoy the beautiful nature and the lakes with some of the best friends. I’m happy to have met a nice bunch of wonderful people during the year, with some of whom I’ll move to live in the summer.

This year has past fast. Life has been quite busy with all of the new studies and getting used to the new environment and new people. It has definitely taught me a lot and I’ve learned quite a lot about the things I’m interested in, and things that are important, and the ones that are not. All these discoveries have been equally important and have influenced also on my thesis process. Now finally in the end of the year, I feel that I’ve found the right way to go. So hopefully I can start my summer with new ideas of how to continue with the thesis..on rainy days. 🙂

We haven’t had a lot of classes together with the group during this spring but more of individual working. Still we have had nice time together with some winter/spring activities..


It has been rewarding to get more into the Jyväskylä life; with closer friendships, new discoveries in the nearby nature, new friends, hobbies and jobs, voluntary work and university activities. This city has so much to give in addition to the studies. All of these free-time activities give some extra energy, in addition to interesting studies and additional seminars.  Also it has been relaxing to have possibilities to travel a bit abroad and somewhere closer, near the nature. A weekend in the nature or in a summer cottage does good but the biggest change in the energy levels is due to the Sun. People along with the rest of the nature begin to wake up, enjoy and smile more. What else can you hope for.. Peace and Love!







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