The year ends!!

The first year has almost ended except for some online submissions. I am already back in Pakistan for an internship at the Pakistan Cricket Board and there is a lot I am missing about Finland. As soon as I landed here I missed the extremely pleasant weather back in Jyvaskyla. With the light breeze and sunlight it felt as something surreal. Earlier in the academic year it was hard accepting the fact that there will be hardly any sunlight throughout and most of the day will pass in dead darkness but to be honest I really starting loving the increasing hours of sunlight which reached almost 18 hours per day before I left Jyvaskyla. This semester was not as hectic as compared to the first one and the course load was pretty manageable. Luckily I was able to secure the license for playing Futsal at the second division here in the Central Region of Finland. Finally I had the chance to experience and be a part of good quality European Futsal. Though after playing it now I can clearly say that football and futsal are two completely different sports and I would prefer football any time though the Finnish weather won’t allow me to have a choice. Like in the first semester once again I organized the Restaurant Day at my place with the help of a couple of Pakistani friends. Once again we prepared dishes rooting from our homeland and to surprise our major client base were Finnish. It was satisfying to see that the locals liked the food even though it is pretty different from what they are used to. Just before the end of the semester I along with a group of extended friends was able to register our team at the annual Football tournament organized by ESN. We had a pretty energetic team and were able to reach the Quarters even though we came only for the fun part of participating. Luckily before leaving I was able to experience the traditional Finnish event “Vappu” which marked the beginning of the not so long spring/summer season. It was a completely different experience altogether and the picnics and the constant partying for two days and a night was something extraordinary.

fiesta warriors


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