Lovebubbles, Lectures, and Lingonberries

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Almost two weeks have gone by since the start of our studies. I have been in Jyväskylä for a month and a half already. We moved here at the beginning of August since my husband started his work at the City Theatre back then.

I have absolutely fallen in love with Jyväskylä, the landscape, possibilities for outdoor activities (the weather has been amazing), and Uni life of course. Applying to this programme has been a long journey for me and I am super excited and grateful to start the studies with our amazing international group of soon to be experts in the field of Sport Management and Health Promotion 😀

I am a Finn, lived abroad for several years in my high school years as well as while doing exchange semester in Brussels during my BBA studies. For the past few years I have lived in Helsinki, Kokkola and Hämeenlinna before settling into Jyväskylä for hopefully at least two to three years.

I am looking forward to master’s thesis and research work that we have ahead of us. Last weekend I already finished the first course book by Hannu Itkonen Sport and Civil Society (definitely need to read the book once more) and a week from now I will be taking my first exam in Sport in Finland. Now that the sun is still shining, energy levels are up and fully functioning, I am taking full advantage of all of this. Hope to get as much done during this first Autumn term as possible.

How the ordinary balanced and fulfilling week is organized: I spend time with my four (soon five) lovebubbles; my two energetic children, my husband and Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever Sirius (he loves to swim as you can see from one of the pics), attend lectures, enjoy the international atmosphere at the campus area, read course materials, do school work, yoga on, breath, go to theatre (if lucky enough) , meet family and friends and enjoy life. Last week we had one day off so we were able to drive to our summer house and I also found out the fun in picking blueberries and lingonberries from the back “yard”/forest. We now have a lingonberry stash in our freezer for the harsh and dark winter months. So, incase energy levels are dropping too low, you know who to turn to for some vitamin boosts;)

There is so much to look forward to in the upcoming two years of our studies. I hope to keep up this excitement throughout the whole journey and of course beyond.

Hugs and greetings from Sunny Jyvaskyla,



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