New Country, New Friends, New Life…

It has been almost two months since I arrived Finland, things are getting better day by day, I am starting to get used to the Finnish life, biking to University every morning, saying Moi when I greet people, and I have also picked berries from the forest a couple of times which was fun.


The first week of University was very interesting, I got to meet people from all over the world, so many names and faces to remember, and It was nice to finally meet my class mates of the Sports Management and health promotion 2015-2017 program, our group is very international, we have students from China, South Korea, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Russia, Finland and my Self from Oman we are a total of 14 students.

Three weeks back I went to Salamajärvi National Park for hiking with some of my Finnish Friends, it was fun hiking through the forest, taking pictures, picking barriers and eating them at the same time it was a total different experience to me as I come from the Oman, just before dark we arrived our cottage and I was surprised to know that in Finland they have public cottages in the middle of the forest that anyone can use for free, so you just go in the cottage and sleep, no reservation, no paying anything, and the cottage was really good one bedroom with a sitting room and a fully equipped kitchen (I think Finland is one of the safest countries in the world), we prepared and had dinner using candles and stove light, it was a very romantic group dinner 🙂

20150905_191825 20150905_204438  IMG-20150907-WA0035

Overall I am glad that I came to Finland, everything has been great so far. Jyvaskyla is a beautiful city with a lot of open area for outdoor activates. The University is very international and it has daily activates (sports, social, networking, parties .. etc) as longest your active you never get bored.

20150810_151622  20150812_190519

I am looking forward to winter to see snow for the first time in my life, I just hope it doesn’t get so cold 🙂 !!


Khadija Al Bakri


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